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Finding Information (Grade 4) Activity 1 What is it?
Activity 2 Who, When, Why? Activity 3  

All About the Internet (Grade 5)  Activity 1 What is it all about?
Activity 2  What are Web Portals
Activity 3 URL's
Activity 4 Searching for Information
Keyword Practice
Age of Exploration Project Activity 5 More Searching
Interent Quiz #1 Activity 6 Searching with Portals
Endangered Species Starter Link  Interent Quiz #2

All About The Internet (Grade 6)

Activity 1 "Topics"
Actividad 1 "Asuntos"

Part 2: Links

Part 3: Search Engines
Part 3B More Searching

Part 4 URL's

Keyword Practice

Topic Search


Egypt Project Links

Presidnents 1

Planetary Information

Spreadsheet #1
Travel Agency

 How deep can they go?
Olympic Information 1 Olympic Information 2 Power Point 2014 Project

Project 1 Solar System inSanity
Solar System Information

Simulated Web Pages!

Example Writer's Guide

Example 3 Writers Guide

Example 2 Writers Guide

Example 4Writers Guides

7th Grade Space Research Page

7th Grade Second Research Project

7th Grade Interactive Story Project

7th Grade Dot Com Simulation

HTML Test #1

HTML Test #2
HTML Test #3 Logo Instructions
HTML Test #4

 digital citizenship Grade 3-5 Unit 1 test

Digital Citizenship Grade 3-5 Unit 2 test

Digital Citizenship Grade 3-5 Unit 3 test

4th grade animal links

6th Grade

5th Grade

Colonial Links

The Game of Life

Author Research Online

8th Grade Links

3 Panel Stip Overview
Descripción De Stip De 3 Paneles
Business Letter Project and Example

Make Your Own 3 Panel Comic Strip
Haga su propio panel tres cómico

Follow the Comic Code

3-D textures Page 1 - Page 2

DXF 3-D Model Gallery Page 1
Note names of files. Find them in the 02 DXF folder!

Comic Book Cover Project
Example Cover 1 Example Cover 2

Page Creation Design

Script Writing Project

Moch Issue (pencil and paper assignment)
The Camino Comic Creations Page

8th Grade Database Project

Do NOT access the exam until you are requested to do so!

Internet Exam 1

Internet Exam 2

Internet Exam 3

Internet Exam 4

Internet Exam 5

Internet Exam 6
Looking for pictures for your projects? Try here!

8th Grade Inventor Links

Stock Market Links

Version 1 - Citation Example Sites

Version 2- Citation Example Sites
Version 3 - Citation Example Sites