Mr. Hallock's Technology Summer Fun Page!

Updated May 27, 2015

Lego Star Wars Online Games (Something for May the 4th)

Freddy's Fractions - May have isues with I.E. version 10 - also out for iOS and in the Goolge Play store

Images of the Earth

 ABCya - Fun educational games divided into grade levels.

 Incredibox - a fun acapella webapp!

new - a fun microphone toy

new Super Looper - a loop based toy that is easy and fun!

newPatatap  A fun keyboard based music maker!

newSeaquence - A aquatic life simulator / music / game thing

newOtamata - like Tonematrix, but a bit more detailed

 new Papa's Cupcakearea


newTouch Pianist  - better with a touch screen or on a moible device - best in a modern browser!


 Tonematrix - at it's new home!

 Gateway II (includes a tutorial)

 Cooking with Kiki

 Fireboy and Watergirl


 Sugar Sugar 2

 Pinata Fever!


  Ker Poof Studio

Music Shake .edu  Requires a current web browser.

  Rainbox  Requires Java, You may need to launch the 'Java web start' at the bottom of the page to make it work.

Vector Park - an interesting series of games/activities with hidden things to find. 

  The MusicLab at Club Create

Gateway II

ClickMaze 2

3rd World Farm Simulation A simulation of farming in difficult conditions.

NIEHS Kids Illusions

Magnetic Poetry for Kids

Audio Stories for Kids  - downloadable or streamable files of old audio reoordings for children

Exploratorium Online Exhibits

 Place Value Pirates

 Count the Ducks A nice beginning place value game

  Place Value to Thousands

Flower Power

Wake the Royalty

Fact Monster
Try the analogy of the day! Great for homework research, but it is advertising driven.

 Sports Illustrated for Kids!

 Garage Sale Wizard

Get a birds eye view with Terraserver!


Make your own Word Search Puzzles

A+ Math Activities
Some great math activites.

  Simple Logo Maker

Online map puzzles!
Learn your states and countries the easy way with these fun interactive puzzles.

New Lemonade Stand (30 day version)

Lemonade Stand
A fun modern version of this cool and fun game! Just scroll down a ways to start your own lemonade stand! 

Moneyville has two online exhibits. 
Get real is a simulation of living  expences and there is also a different (very short) verison of lemonade stand



One of the original computer games programed in basic, and now online in a web based format. Feed your people and build your empire.

Energy Quest
This web site has alot of good information about energy and its production in California as well as some interesting trivia based games!

Need some clip art for a Project?

Captain Underpants Comic Creator

Clown Clear Up


Dino Dig

Behind The Name
Find out the story behind your name.

Text to Speech demo
This MIT project lets you type in a sentence and  generate a farily realistic voice!

Soda Constructor


Science Learning Network
This site has some great links to online science resources!

Links to many educational games
However some may have annoying advertisemnts.

Some coon brain teasers can be found here!

The Tech has several online exhibits including Build Your Own Satelite , Making a Splash With Color , Earthquakes, and Robotics (the Remote controlled vehicle in that is a challenge!). Most of there exhibits are only at the building itself.


The Exploratorium
The Explore page has several interesting things to see including the Depth Spinner and the Squirming Palm!

City Creator
Design your own city with the fun web based art project!

Small Car 2

Bloons 2


World's Hardest Game V2

Double Wires


Lego RC Racers


Micro Panda


Hedgehog Launch

Achievement Unlocked

Donkey Kong  

 Wacky Web Tales
This site allows you to 'fill in the blank' with your won words to create some ammusing and 'wacky' stories!

The Microbe Zoo
Information and exhibits on the tiny creatures all around us! You got to love the theme park atmosphere of this site. Be sure and visit "Dirtland" first as the lines there get long early in the day ; )

The Switcharoo Zoo!
This site allows you to combine various animals together to create unique animals. Really interesting graphics!

Astronomy at the Exploratorium
Fun science activities including your weight on other planets, and building your own solar system!

Brain Explorer at the Exploratorium
Jumping to Conculusions is interesting and so is Welcome to the 3rd Dimension

Engaging Science activities for young students.  This has a nice lesson on conductors and insulators.

Looking to follow a career in robotics or the high tech industry? Explore the various career paths open to you todat! Check out this site! Requires the Flash player!

Nitrohaul at Physics is a fun simulation game.  Magnx is worht a look also.

  Light-Bot 2 - Simple robot programing game.

  Truck Loader 2 - Challenging puzzle game


1971 Computer Space, the first commercially sold arcade video game (and the first commercially sold video game of any kind), is released by Nutting Associates.

1972 Atari Inc. launches Pong, the first commercially successful video game.

Space Invaders
1978 Midway introduces Space Invaders into arcades. It is the first arcade game that tracks and displays high scores.

1979 Asteroids is the first game to allow high scorers to enter three character initials to be stored in the machine.

This game was slow to become a hit when it was released as many thought it was too difficult due to its control configuration of five buttons and a joystick. It ultimately gained many fans and remained popular throughout the 1980s. Defender has been described as "quite possibly, the hardest significant game there is".

Lunar Lander
On 17 June 1980, Atari's "Asteroids" and "Lunar Lander" were the first two video games to ever be registered in the Copyright Office.

Battlezone 1980 is first 3-D game ever created. It is set in a virtual battlefield and was later enhanced by the U.S. government for training exercises.

October 1981 The game is also notable for being the first video game with a selectable level of difficulty (determined by the initial starting level).

Namco releases Pac-Man, which is its biggest-selling game of all time. It also released King and Balloon, which is the first game to feature synthesized voices.

is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game by Namco, released in 1982. It was designed by Masanobu Endō. In the U.S., the game was manufactured and distributed by Atari. Xevious runs on Namco Galaga hardware.

Space Duel

Space Duel is the first and only multi-player interactive vector game by Atari.  This is a Java based emulation of the exact code used in the arcade. Scroll down for instructions.

This is an early vector based game and one of the first to feature a 3-D environment. Press 1 for instructions. This may not work right on some machines.




Orignal Version Frogger

Donkey Kong

Moon Patrol
1982 Moon Patrol was created by Irem and released in the U.S. by Williams, the first game to use parallax scrolling.

Q-Bert (this is a more  modern version of the game)

Time Pilot 

Shrink - It 



These links are for Google Chrome 


Ball Droppings



Ball Pool




For Exploration at Home!

The Virtual Theremin.
Requires a video camera connected to your computer. Not all that easy to get to work.
A wierd musical device you control by moving your hands. Requires a lot of fiddling and a video camera hooled to your computer (a USB based caera like a Logitec seemed to work for me) not a still camera but one which takes movies. The ned result is a musical 'thing' which tracks the movements of your hands and head to create music. It works best if you wear a black long sleve shirt and stand in front of a black background. White gloves also help quite a bit.

 new Scratch   Fun programing language! Requires install.

From the dawn of comuter games comes the text adventure. Sold as popular games in software stores during the 1980's, many are now are online as Java games.

Zork: The Undiscovered Underground (online version requires Java)


Starcross was one of the earliest Infocom games.

Planetfall is one of the later Infocom adventures.

If you can't make the download work you can try the free online verison of Zork While visiting the land of Zork you can type HELP to get a set of instructions. If you are still lost try some Zork Maps!

 Space War was one of the original computer games too. Read about it's history here.

Also  try this one player version of  Pong

This was the first computer simulated chat program. Be careful what you type. Some versions of this software collected logs of in!

SimCity Online - the original classic (read old school) city simulation game  now in easy to access online format!  Requires user account and password.